Josekipedia Talk Recent talk messages Tue, 19 Feb 2019 05:17:39 urn:josekipedia:talk:1997 New talk from 2019-02-13 04:25:29 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=369259'></a> So here you can see the divine opening first played by Chiwashuwa Liuwotong in 1467. urn:josekipedia:talk:1996 New talk from 2019-01-19 00:21:02 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=188132'></a> The ladder is at Q14 urn:josekipedia:talk:1995 New talk from 2019-01-17 03:07:34 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=374658'></a> Is this not bad for blacks 2-stone group? (11 Kyu asking) urn:josekipedia:talk:1994 New talk from 2019-01-16 19:52:46 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=205501'></a> What's considered the best answer here? urn:josekipedia:talk:1993 New talk from 2019-01-15 23:32:43 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=195'></a> This is probably supposed to be Magic Sword of Muramasa, named after famed swordsmith Sengo Muramasa urn:josekipedia:talk:1992 New talk from GreenAsJade GreenAsJade 2019-01-13 09:25:23 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=41'></a> Why are all the moves in the centre marked as "good move"?Are any of them considered "Joseki"?If they are, why don't they have continuations? urn:josekipedia:talk:1991 New talk from GreenAsJade GreenAsJade 2019-01-13 00:12:30 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=69242'></a> Why is this marked as "good move" when the description says that it is usually ineffectual? urn:josekipedia:talk:1990 New talk from 2019-01-12 14:20:07 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=2998'></a> どのツギ?どのハネ? urn:josekipedia:talk:1989 New talk from HelioSeven HelioSeven 2018-12-20 00:39:40 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=228287'></a> Seems to me like this is just leaving behind too many problems. urn:josekipedia:talk:1988 New talk from HelioSeven HelioSeven 2018-12-18 02:32:55 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=261769'></a> Concurring with Manami, while it is a fuseki move it does also have mild implications for the corner, so there is reason to include it in a joseki dictionary. urn:josekipedia:talk:1987 New talk from 2018-12-18 01:28:32 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=16846'></a> can this please be continued urn:josekipedia:talk:1986 New talk from 2018-12-14 13:03:49 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=247272'></a> good! good! good! super!!! urn:josekipedia:talk:1985 New talk from GreenAsJade GreenAsJade 2018-12-13 23:21:31 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=169'></a> It's funny - the comment for P14 says that most of the time this is a better move. Contrast to the (old) comment below :) urn:josekipedia:talk:1984 New talk from 2018-12-09 13:28:18 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=309498'></a> Is not black better than white at the end of this stiuation? urn:josekipedia:talk:1983 New talk from 2018-12-08 10:23:52 <a href=''><img src='/img/pos.php?id=330913'></a> Can anyone add what can black do as a counter-action?